U.S. Bank Stadium Goes Nordic with Interactivity


The Vikings Voyage, a 10,000-square-foot custom interactive space inside U.S. Bank Stadium, gives Minnesota Vikings fans a unique experience. Transparent OLEO touchscreens, physical combine-themed drills, where scored, are tracked using RFID bracelets and a virtual reality experience make the space a must for Vikings fans of all ages.

Nominating Company: Dimensional Innovations, Overland Park, Kansas
Venue: U.S. Bank Stadium/Vikings Voyage, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Project: U.S. Bank Stadium/Vikings Voyage
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

As the Minnesota Vikings prepared for the opening  of the new U.S. Bank Stadium in August 2016, they had a large area that was set aside to improve  the game-day experience for fans, and combine  and interactively display the team’s memorabilia.

Dimensional Innovations (DI) worked closely with the Minnesota Vikings to transform a 1 0,000-square-footspace inside U.S. Bank Stadium into a truly unique visitor experience. It merges traditional Hall of Fame artifacts with interactive game-day experiences, providing a connection for Vikings fans both young and old.

The Nordic/Viking theme provides a backdrop for the interactives including a 27-foot projection screen on the hull of a Viking ship. The space was designed and created in a way to highlight the unique environment of Minnesota, the technological innovations by the football team and connection with the strong loyal fan base.

“We came to Dl to help us develop how this could be a mix of your traditional hall of fame experience -but also something that can be fun and interactive for fans of all ages,” said Jenny Haag of the Minnesota Vikings.

The amount of new technology on the project was unique. The 27-foot curved projection screen that was fabricated at Dl and then shipped and installed required precise engineering and execution. The backside of the screen served to block out ambient light from windows.

The interactive games are one-size-fits-all, which required extensive testing. Making traditional NFL activities, which are usually monitored manually, into automated experiences for the public, was truly a challenge. On top of this, adding in the layer of RFID for scoring purposes made this a complex execution. This was also the first activation using transparent displays, which required a large amount of prototyping and content coordination.

Designed and built by Dl, the Voyage is free and open during Vikings events. Within the space, fans have the opportunity to participate in combine-themed events, including catching passes wearing a virtual reality Vikings helmet. The space allows fans to track scores and compete against others at the various stations by wearing RFID-enabled bracelets.

The space also includes a full-size ship hull that features a 27-foot projection screen displaying historic and modern­ day Vikings footage. Fans will learn about the history of the Vikings uniform through a transparent OLED uniform interactive – the first of its kind in an NFL stadium

Closing out the space is a museum experience featuring memorabilia, infographics and photos allowing fan both young and old to connect to the Vikings’ story and history.

Our diverse and inventive team of designers, technologists, engineers, fabricators and installers were able to collaborate under one roof, making the process seamless.

U.S. Bank Stadium Goes Nordic with Interactivity RESULTS
Since the Vikings Voyage has only been open for a couple of months, we’re still collecting valuable data. However, the Minnesota Vikings  are able to easily track through RFID technology the number of fans who visit the space, the number of interactive games played (which after the first  five home games totals nearly 10,000) and how many times they return, providing a level of data not previously collected by any team in the NFL. Fans who visit the space are also encouraged to share their photos using #VikingsVoyage, which also gives insight into the fan experience. To date, the client has only received positive feedback and the football legends represented in the space have had overwhelmingly positive things to say on the experience.

Planar, Christie Projection, Reynoldson Control and MVP Interactive (VR Game).

Dimensional Innovations won the DSE 2017 Gold APEX Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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