Ubimo Unveils First Ever Self-Service Attribution Solution for Precise Measurement of Out-Of-Home Campaigns


NEW YORK, N.Y. (DATE) – Ubimo, a leading location intelligence technology company, today launched an innovative self-service Out-of-Home (OOH) attribution solution that puts an end to guesswork related to connecting OOH advertising to lift in total visits or the number of new visitors in-store.

Offered as part of its Polaris suite of products for OOH, Ubimo’s attribution solution solves for inherent biases in the OOH industry’s traditional method for determining campaign effectiveness, which favors signals from active mobile devices and inflates the impact of ads in close proximity to stores. This exclusive methodology uses data science and artificial intelligence to ensure both exposed and control groups are comprised of devices with similar characteristics—including device signals, demographic and behavioral traits—then measures lift across both groups prior to and during the ad campaign to determine the change in lift. The results provide the most reliable picture of eyes on an ad and subsequent visits to the advertised location.

“Ubimo tackles OOH attribution measurement with a unique methodology that enables us to truly understand and confidently communicate the effectiveness of campaigns to our advertisers,” said Jean-Luc Decaux, Co-CEO of JCDecaux North America, which uses Ubimo’s attribution solution to help communicate the value of its OOH ads to brand clients.

Ubimo’s attribution solution empowers businesses to understand and act on real-world behaviors, bridging the knowledge gap between the digital and the physical worlds. Marketers can measure OOH impact on foot traffic, and connect their own first-party data to measure other KPIs such as app downloads, web behavior and sales.

“Even as digital advertising capabilities and analytics increase in sophistication, the challenge of attributing customer visits to out-of-home advertising has remained,” said Ran Ben-Yair, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubimo. “We wanted to solve the unique attribution challenges for outdoor advertising that until now haven’t been reckoned with, packaged in a solution that would be easy for clients to use and produce reports themselves. With our unique methodology that analyzes first- and third-party data, brands now have the control to accurately assess the impact of their ads, and can use that to improve their ad strategy.”

Ubimo works with leading brands, agencies and technology providers in the OOH space. Most recently, the company announced its partnership with Kinetic US to provide real-time audience segmentation to any geographic entity to improve OOH campaign performance for their clients.

For more information about Ubimo, visit: www.ubimo.com.

About Ubimo

Ubimo is a SaaS location intelligence company that empowers businesses to understand and act on real-world behaviors, bridging the knowledge gap between the digital and physical worlds.

Using advanced AI technologies, we combine behavioral data on over 150 million monthly active users, with the most comprehensive geographic index in the US. Ubimo’s platform enables businesses to embed strategic insights into decision-making, improving performance across Shopper Marketing, Programmatic, Publishers, Retail, and Out-of-Home.



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