UFC Corporate Headquarters Welcomes Guests with Narrow Pixel Pitch Display


At UFC’s new global corporate campus in Las Vegas, an impressive 2.5-millimeter pixel-pitch NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch ENGAGE Series Display measuring a whopping 12.5 feet by 20 feet, was installed front and center in the campus’ main lobby. The goal was to give visitors an initial glimpse of their corporate campus grandeur and a look into the energy behind the company.

Nominating Company: NanoLumens, Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Venue: UFC Corporate Headquarters, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project: UFC Corporate Headquarters
Category: Corporate Environments


UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, wanted every inch of their new global corporate campus to amplify the global brand’s image as a world-class organization. Since the lobby is the company’s first opportunity to present the brand to visitors, it was crucial that they create a statement, while also enticing visitors to explore the rest of the facility. To find the right display, UFC turned to National Technology Associates, a leading integration firm that recommended NanoLumens.

With the design of the new corporate campus in Las Vegas, it was essential for UFC to find a sign that would create a ‘wow’ factor, to give visitors an initial glimpse of the corporate campus grandeur. Given that the display would be the first thing that welcomes guests into the building, it was imperative that it be a lightweight solution that could be relied upon to constantly present a clear, high-quality image. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that the screen could be easily installed without any changes to the architecture or structure of the lobby.

With the help of NanoLumens, UFC was able to install a 2.5-millimeter ENGAGE Series™ LED display, measuring 12.5 feet by 20 feet, in the center of the main lobby. The impressive screen allows them to create a ‘wow’ factor for visitors with its ability to play live feeds and split into multiple screens, while streaming high-quality sound via built-in audio. Additionally, the l2688 x 1536 display resolution ensures the display portrays the best image quality available. Furthermore, given the thin, lightweight nature of the NanoLumens display, no changes needed to be made to the lobby’s architecture or structure.


With the impressive 2.5-millimeter pixel-pitch NanoLumens Narrow Pixel Pitch ENGAGE Series™ display, UFC was able to turn their main lobby into an eye-catching space that gives visitors a glimpse of the corporate campus’ grandeur and an inside look into the company. NanoLumens was able to deliver a superior-quality, highly reliable solution for this critically important space that helps UFC welcome guests into the building and ultimately make a compelling brand statement to all visitors. Now, everyone who enters UFC’s campus will see clear, high-resolution video and imagery that communicates the exciting and expanding world of the company.

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