University of Wisconsin at La Crosse Installs 3D-Animated Wayfinding


Hundreds of hours of custom design work brought forth the University of Wisconsin La Crosse (UWL) campus wayfinding project. This set of highly detailed, 3D-animated maps are interactive and searchable by multiple categories including individual locations within any of the campus’ 36 buildings. The map orientations vary based on the kiosk location (north-facing or south-facing), and other design intricacies include animated pins that highlight selected locations, highlighted stairs, elevators and entrances, moving clouds and flying birds.

Nominating Company: Tightrope Media Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Venue: University of Wisconsin at La Crosse Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks, La Crosse, Wisconsin
Project: UW La Crosse’s outdoor campus wayfinding
Category: Public Spaces

UW La Crosse’s outdoor campus wayfinding was all analog, which made updates cumbersome. The outdoor maps also did not reflect the location orientation — if a person was standing on the south side of campus, the map was still giving them a view from the north side. This made it harder to determine the path to one’s destination. Outdoor facilities are managed by a separate department at UWL, and when the IT department heard that their department was seeking their own digital wayfinding solution, IT suggested building it within the existing digital signage network (Carousel Digital Signage), allowing for centralized management.

UWL IT set out to create an interactive directory that could be centrally managed in the same web-based CMS as their existing network, allowing them make updates quickly and share data between displays. This is particularly helpful for emergency alerts. During Wisconsin winters, visitors need to figure out where they are going quickly. UWL wanted to place ADA-compliant wayfinding kiosks outdoors in the exact locations where visitors need them most with maps that were oriented for each specific location. They also needed a solution that could perform consistently as expected in very cold temperatures.

University of Wisconsin at La Crosse Installs 3D-Animated Wayfinding

-Carousel Digital Signage Server Software
-Carousel Digital Signage Player Software
-MDKS Vertical Outdoor Kiosks (Model KPhlat 42-inch with 55-inch display)

UWL visitors experience a highly stylized 3D interactive wayfinding solution that encompasses the entire 36-building campus. This project meets ADA interactivity requirements in an intricately detailed design that delivers both practicality and style. Users can search the directory by building, department or faculty member. The maps feature both north-facing and south-facing orientation depending on the kiosk location. All of UWL’s digital signage, including wayfinding, is now managed from one central system. This allows administrators to quickly and easily deploy campus-wide alerts to all displays on the system.

Tightrope Media Systems
University of Wisconsin La Crosse Academic Technology Services
EPA Audio Visual, Inc.

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