Upgraded Video Wall Welcomes Travelers to Columbus Airport


John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) is the airport of choice for more than 7.5 million travelers each year. When outdated, unreliable video walls began deteriorating, so did passenger impressions and advertising revenues. Radiant Technology was selected to design and integrate a new solution without disrupting passenger flow. Upgrading to LED and consolidating to a single content management platform was a must. The vibrant new video wall now welcoming travelers is more efficient and reliable.

Nominating Company: Radiant Technology, Lewis Center, Ohio
Venue: John Glen Columbus International Airport, Columbus, Ohio
Project: John Glen Columbus Intl. Airport Video Wall
Category: Transportation

John Glenn Columbus International Airport was expanding the use of its digital signage network as part of a larger effort to modernize. In 2017, Radiant Technology partnered with the airport to improve passenger communications and experience. The first phase included two 44-foot by 14-foot LED video walls over terminals A and C, plus 62 ticket counter displays.

The next phase of the digital transformation took place in September 2018 with the addition of three large displays mounted over terminal B. The existing LCD walls were aging and had frequent outages. As a result, the airport experienced a significant loss in advertising revenue.

In addition, the content management system used for the center video wall was separate from the system running the FIDs on the two large displays to either side of the center wall. The inefficiency and burden on internal staff created the need to consolidate to one platform essential.

The project presented several challenges that were met head on by the Radiant Technology team. The highest priority was to not disrupt passenger flow. The next condition was using the existing space, including power sources (no additional construction was permitted), meaning Radiant designers had to create a solution that fit to the existing infrastructure and power. Yet another challenge was direct sunlight hitting the displays at certain times of the day. Making them bright enough, but not too bright was important. Finally, the challenge of consolidating to a single content management platform to improve efficiency and reduce costs was a necessity.

Developing a custom solution to fit the existing space required the evaluation of several technologies. Delta LED displays were selected and even fit better than the original LCDs. The choice to use LED displays means three times the lifespan and half the power requirements, providing efficiency, longevity and reliability. Lighting sensors now measure ambient light to determine brightness of the wall.

The airport was using Omnivex content management software for the video walls and displays installed in phase one. Using this solution enables content to be driven pixel by pixel, maximizing resolution and eliminating the scaling of content for increased sharpness.

The Omnivex solution combined with Windows 10 IoT enterprise allows airport staff to manage and monitor more effectively. Radiant can offer a higher service level agreement using the Radiant Pulse remote monitoring system. Working from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. over a three-week period prevented passenger disruption.

The new solution is a seamless video wall that looks more visually and contextually appealing and runs on a centralized content management system. The technology itself is drawing half the power with increased operational time. Maximized resolution eliminates the scaling of content, increasing sharpness and reducing pixel size, which saved a lot of money. The loss of advertising revenue is no longer an issue.

Airport staff are not managing multiple vendors and multiple content management solutions. This provides significant cost savings and greater efficiency. Monitoring data streams to determine accuracy of flight information and data issues is no longer an issue. Even if there is a problem, turnaround time is minimized with the new system.




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