Userful Integrates TDM Digital Signage Software into Their Revolutionary Video Wall Controller


Calgary, AB and Heerenveen the Netherlands — July 14th, 2016  —  Userful Corporation, an industry-leader in digital display software, and TDM Digital Signage, the most lightweight digital signage platform on the market, have teamed up to provide a solution with complete flexibility, both in architecture and in content management.

Userful is the first video wall controller to deliver 8k content in real time over the network and the first to support multiple, independent video walls from a single, standard PC with no specialized video cards required. By integrating with TDM Digital Signage, users have another option for control over the design, location and display timing of content. TDM Digital Signage not only manages and supports myriad content sources, it also provide live statistics on usage and viewing, and even can incorporate a face detection module—that recognizes age, gender and mood—to accommodate better the displayed content.

“TDM Digital Signage’s integration into Userful is a perfect fit.  As an HTML5-based software, it sits well with Userfu’s browser based management console, and the wide range of content it supports complements Userful’s multi-source capabilities” said Tim Griffin, founder and CTO of Userful. “TDM Digital Signage is a flexible and economical approach to target video wall content, and easily deploy and manage eye-catching video walls.”

“We are really excited to integrate TDM’s digital signage software into Userful, because we both follow the same principle of empowering the customers by providing a powerful solution—that it is also lightweight, flexible and cost effective—for deploying high-quality video walls and digital signage”, says Ricardo de Vries, CEO of TDM Digital Signage. “Userful is exactly what we need, as their video wall controller supports multiple content source simultaneously, and that flexibility is one of the key aspects of TDM’s strength”.  

Userful turns a standard PC into a high end video wall controller that delivers content over the network. By integrating with TDM Digital Signage, customers have an intuitive and low cost video wall and signage solution where they can control their content from any browser.  The solution utilizes a standard Ethernet connection to drive up to 60 displays from a single PC, eliminating much of the proprietary hardware and IT costs traditionally associated with video walls.

To learn more about how Userful turns a PC into a high end video wall controller, visit Also, visit TDM Digital Signage’s website at and try their digital signage software now! 

About Userful

Userful builds an industry leading software appliance for AV & IT professionals to easily control large numbers of displays and interactive content sources from any browser. Userful sits between content and displays providing AV over IP and hundreds of other features.  Userful makes it simple and affordable for organizations to drive and centrally manage intelligent interactive displays from digital signage, to desktops, to touch-screens and video walls and beyond with exceptional performance, unique flexibility and the lowest cost on the market. Userful is the trusted provider of over 1 million displays in over 100 countries and works with zero- and thin-client devices from world-class partners such as ViewSonic, Thinglobal, Atrust, Centerm and HP.    

About TDM Digital Signage

TDM Digital Signage is a lightweight digital signage software producer who have created a HTML 5 Signage solution which maintained all the functionality that TDM provides in the Android or Windows version of TDM. Digital Signage is used in a growing number of sectors. Examples include healthcare, where it is used to make waiting more enjoyable ,retail, where it is used to advertise specific products, and governments, where digital signage is used to offer information. Regardless of whether your message is informative of commercial, with digital signage you reach your audience in the most efficient way. 


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