Venture Capitalist Mark Willis Launches “LED National” in First Quarter of 2017


(PRWEB) January 04, 2017—Houston’s Mark Willis successfully launches LED National with aspirations to fill a major void in the LED sign industry and LED lighting industry. LED National has launched the first of its three divisions which is the LED signage and digital billboard advertising division. LED National will launch the Lighting Division later this spring, followed by the Advertising Media Division. The new venture company has partnered with Optec Displays, which has been the premier US manufacturer with thousands of high quality displays nationwide, to create an OEM product specifically for LED National. In no way will this be your typical sign company however; as LED National looks to be the leader in this industry providing a complete turn-key on-site advertising system.

Mr. Willis served as CEO for companies providing such services as oil and gas drilling and exploration, telecommunications, real estate investments, an aircraft parts re-manufacturer and several successful staffing companies among many others. In 1997 he formed Willis Group Companies which has won numerous awards including being named for Inc. 5000 and Houston’s Fast 100. Today Willis Group Companies include Genuent, Image Engine, DW Legal, Donovan & Watkins, Willis Group Consulting, Seis-Stream Global, BeyondReview and Genesys Talent. Mr. Willis also served on boards including Chairman and CEO of a NASDAQ traded telecommunications company. As a venture capitalist, Mr. Willis has invested in and supported management in numerous start-up companies including a medical device manufacturer and distributor, healthcare software company, and opened an MRI clinic. With experience in leadership roles in venture capital and numerous successful start-up businesses; Mark Willis has set his eyes on the LED signage and lighting industry, as Chairman of LED National.

Mark Willis stated, “LED Technology is more dependable than ever and is at the price point where virtually everyone can take advantage and benefit from it, especially commercial businesses. It’s also an industry that is still in its infancy here in the US and most businesses are not aware of it’s true potential in helping their bottom line. LED National will truly fill a major void in the advertising and lighting industry and take a consulting approach to provide individual custom LED solutions for every one of our customers.”

Mark Willis has appointed a team of experts with decades of experience and innovative expertise in the industry to develop a product and service that is currently not offered by anyone in the LED Signage Industry:

Emanuel Cacuci is the CEO of LED National and has been in the LED signage industry since 2005. Mr. Cacuci has had extensive leadership and consultee roles with several companies including Advantage LED Signs (2009) in which he was the VP of sales and one of its original founders. Mr. Cacuci leadership and innovative approach served as a strong foundation and the driving force behind Advantage LED signs becoming one of the premier leaders in the industry. LED National is fortunate in bringing his leadership and experience to the company. Mr. Cacuci also has extensive marketing experience with medical devices for home use, and has worked on several LED billboard marketing campaigns for several advertising media investors.

Emanuel Cacuci stated, “LED National will not be just another sign company. We will be a company obsessed with delivering complete custom LED signage solutions to all of our clients; from small businesses to large corporations, and from LED billboard investors to local community centers. If you need a church LED sign, your product and service will be different than if you need a restaurant LED sign or an auto dealership sign; we understand this reality and we will be there to provide you with that custom solution. An LED sign is not a complete advertising tool without the right content at the right time customized for a customer’s target market; and LED National will address all of those needs so that our customers get maximum ROI from their investment with our company.”

Keith Knackstedt is the Chief Operating Officer at LED National and is by far one of the key experts in the LED industry with over 30 years’ experience spanning architectural signage, custom outdoor electronic signs, fabric structures, LED lighting and LED display advertising. Mr. Knackstedt’s background includes experience in digital outdoor advertising, place-based marketing and associated revenue models. He was also the Director of Marketing for LED National’s OEM manufacturer, Optec Display’s, and is the key person behind LED National’s revolutionary OEM product line. As Director of Marketing for Optec Displays, Keith Knackstedt developed and implemented digital advertising revenue models for on premise retail, off premise outdoor billboard advertising and sports marketing applications. Keith also has extensive knowledge of the LED lighting industry, having developed an LED lighting division for Optec and by founding Brightway LED Lighting, an online wholesale LED lighting supplier.

Keith Knackstedt stated, “It is truly refreshing to be part of a company (LED National) who is not just out to sell a widget but takes a consultee approach and provide the customer with a complete custom advertising system that addresses their specific target market. By offering the customer a complete package of custom video animation and content combined with an LED sign with virtually no down time for the life of the contract; we empower our customers with an amazing success tool that will eliminate or diminish the need to advertise any other way. At the same time, they will be lowering their overall advertising costs by a significant amount, while increasing prospect impressions. Unlike traditional LED sign companies who simply sell an LED sign with a library of canned animations, never to be heard from again, we look forward to a long lasting partnership that will benefit your organization throughout this business relationship.”

Jared Lang is the Chief Marketing Officer at LED National and Mr. Mark Willis is definitely making a statement with this choice addition to the company. Mark Willis stated, LED National is not going to be an overnight company like so many that have come before it, rather it is here to stay and not only make a splash in the industry, but be the authority in the LED industry for a very long time. Mr. Lang is a branding and marketing force by himself; serving 14 years as General Manager of a successful Audi dealership in Houston TX, he led a team of more than 200 employees leading it to the number one Audi dealership in the USA. He retired from the auto industry in 2014 and is currently also the president of the largest fashion event in the Southern United States, now in its 6th year; Fashion Houston. In 2015 Mr. Lang also formed Next Chapter Brands, a marketing and branding company serving Houston Industries. Over the past 12 years Mr. Lang has helped raise millions to support dozens of causes and local charities, including but not limited to Big Brothers and Sisters, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, Houston Ballet and Houston Zoo. Because of Mr. Lang’s reputation and experience he was recently elected to the Houston Super Bowl Hospitality committee also bringing LED National as a sponsor of official Super Bowl events throughout Houston. LED National proudly takes on the challenge of sponsoring the 51st Super Bowl official events in Houston, TX during the month of February 2017. With Jared Lang steering the helm expect to see LED National at many other charity and community events nation-wide.

Jared Lang stated, “My true passion is to use business as a vehicle to help the local community, and with the opportunity I’ve been given with LED National, I look forward to using LED technology to sponsor charity events in communities nation-wide. In my experience there is no better way to become a staple in the community than by always giving back, and that is my vision for LED National as we serve communities nation-wide”

Content creation and animation is a very important piece of what LED National offers, because without the right message at the right time, you’re simply purchasing half of the solution which is no longer a solution. You can purchase the best LED sign money can buy, but if your message is hard to read, if your message is cluttered, or your image is choppy and not configured to your particular size sign; then your money has been wasted. LED National is so serious about this aspect of their product that they went ahead and also hired the most sought after and experienced LED sign animator in the industry. Rachel Walters has been hired to head the graphics department as National Director of Graphics. With over 26 years of experience in the sign and advertising business, she has worked for many national manufacturers including Optec Displays. Some career highlights include training customers at the Kennedy Space Station in Florida, working on a live broadcast for a Nickelodeon show and creating a TV Commercial for Hulk Hogan. She has also handled all of the digital advertising for Sonic Restaurants across the country as well as Hardee’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Dominos, Taco Cabana and Carl’s Jr. She has created professional advertisements for almost every industry out there; including car dealerships, dental offices, medical spas, 24-hour ER medical offices, fast food chains, fire stations, churches, banks, tax offices, and government offices just to name a few. Her expertise ensures that no matter what size LED sign you purchase, the image will look great and have the maximum impact for your business; all from an expert animator and marketer in numerous industries. She now works exclusively for the clients and future clients of LED National.

The people behind the scenes are what make LED National such a great company. It is simply not a company that just sells a widget; rather a company that sells a proven solution that will maximize all of their client’s ROI. LED National is unrivaled in its ability to ensure our clients’ advertising needs are met with attention to detail. No other competitor offers this level of individual focus. Every prospective client should be confident that the extensive experience and professional makeup of LED National will provide them with superior solutions and the assurance that they are in good hands.


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