Versatile Digital Signage Aids University’s 21st Century Vision


UK based Eclipse Digital Media provides end-to-end digital signage solution to the University of Kent consisting of 35 Samsung SSP displays paired with cloud based digital signage software, embed signage. Wayfinding, live PC availability, room booking and promotion are all displayed with this solution.

The University of Kent teaches over 15,800 students on its Canterbury campus with national recognition for research intensity and the provision of an exceptional student experience. As part of the Universities continued ambition and growth its Templeman Library has undergone a major redevelopment recently, transforming it into a leading 21st Century facility incorporating books, study space, computers, and other learning resources.

University of Kent needed a simple to use Digital Signage solution that provided them with flexibility on hardware, that’s suitable in a variety of library locations and be able to integrate with internal systems to show live PC availability data.

“Navigating around the large 15,000sqm space for up to 9000 visitors a day can be a challenge, so digital signage was employed to aid navigation across the four floors – helping students find a computer to use, books or space to study in. Some screens are also used for room availability and promoting events/services to library users.”Julia Crompton, Marketing Manager, Templeman Library, University of Kent.

Eclipse Digital worked with University of Kent throughout the entire project and supplied a digital signage network consisting of over 35 Samsung Smart Signage Platform displays in a variety of sizes, paired with the cloud based digital signage software embed signage.

The screens are installed in a variety of environments including landscape kiosk enclosures, portrait totems, wall mounted portrait enclosures and room booking housings outside study rooms.

“Eclipse Digital Media provided us with the full digital signage solution from the initial concept meetings right through to installation and ongoing support. The embed signage software we’ve been provided has allowed us to manage digital screen content simply from a cloud-based, reliable and secure portal. We can be innovative and flexible in the types of information shown including film and website feeds, scheduling screens with ease. Students have found the improved information helpful. Eclipse Digital Media have always been on hand to give training and advice throughout the installation and beyond.”Julia Crompton, Marketing Manager, Templeman Library, University of Kent.

Eclipse Digital Media are continuing to work with University of Kent to further expand the Digital Signage solution into other areas of the campus with a further 30+ displays already scheduled for this Summer.


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