Video Conferencing Services Supplier, IVCi, Explains Why Law Firms Should Invest In Video Walls


HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., July 12, 2019 — Implementing their use of collaborative solutions designed to connect individuals, video conferencing services supplier, IVCi, explains four reasons why law firms should invest in video walls.

A video wall consists of multiple monitors formatted together and arranged to visually appear as one larger screen monitor. The pictured image from each screen is enhanced and magnified to show one consistent image, or many depending on preference. Video walls appear to be visually appealing and can provide several key advantages that will overall benefit a business.

Flexible. A video wall is much more than an oversized image and can be used in a variety of different ways. Using specific screen monitor mounting, the arrangement of the screens can be manipulated and designed to be as visually appealing as possible. Along with the movement of monitors, a video wall can also be programmed to display unique content for each screen. Video walls provide extreme flexibility, and understanding how to use these elements can help enhance your brand and your messages.

Businesses, such as law firms, can reap in the benefits of implementing this style of visual display and marketing. Manipulating the way your message is being seen and interpreted can give a company a lot of room for creative decisions, having the ability to reach a larger number of individuals without constricting their visual layout options.

Interactive. Video walls are a representation of one of the peaks of digital signage applications. They can be used in innovative, entertaining, and engaging ways. If your law firm depends heavily on engagement, the usage of a video wall would provide the field where interaction between the audience and company could occur.

Video walls can replace everyday mediums and overtake normal backgrounds to not only share the intended messages and create visuals that clients can enjoy, but also to gather more information regarding your legal services and mission.

Multi-Use Devices. Traditionally, a single monitor approach to a message is used to share information. Video walls however, utilize multiple monitors to complete the finished wall. The screens are formatted together in a variety of fashions, allowing visual images to appear across the multiple displays. These images can even be controlled from specific devices to appear on individual screens, allowing the presentations to become more customizable for specific clients and audiences.

High Quality Images/Content. The platform of a video wall offers a higher quality of content. The images projected across the screens display a higher resolution than a normal single display. As the size of an image increases, the quality and resolution will do so as well. Offering superior quality, brightness and better contrast ratios than a regular projector, helps to not only attract new clients, but also keep the current business at your law firm running seamlessly.

IVCi Cloud Video Conferencing Company is a global technology leader for standardized, yet scalable, Collaborative Meeting Spaces, Unified Communications, Video Conferencing, Cloud Based Services and industry leading back-end Managed Services. We partner with you to set a Collaboration & Migration Strategy, which includes identifying, deploying, and managing the ideal technology mix to improve your business’ bottom line and support the most ambitious ROI models that support and justify your investments.


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