Video Projection and Fireworks Close the Circle of Light Festival


The project was created by order of the company LBL Communications Group. Magic Innovations’ work as part of the Circle of Light Festival’s closing ceremony in Moscow took place on a rowing canal. The object of the projection is a specially created structure, partially located on the water, measuring 150 meters by 48 meters. This is the biggest festival of light in the world, and Magic Innovations’ work is the final projection of the entire event.

Nominating Company: Magic Innovations, Bilogorodka, Kyiv Region, Ukraine
Venue: Circle of Light Festival Closing Ceremony, Moscow, Russia
Project: Circle of Light Festival Closing Ceremony
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

The content is comprised of stories about the history of pyrotechnic art on the islands of Japan. This projection as the final part of the festival summed it up. The Magic Innovations team was chosen to realize the most memorable moment of the festival.

This projection was a special show in which there was a combination of 3D mapping and fireworks. Given the specificity of content about the history of Japanese fireworks, it was important to emphasize the use of specific fireworks for specific content in blocks. The pyrotechnics were presented charges of 60 centimeters in diameter. These fireworks take off for 1 kilometer and open up to 800 meters in diameter. Accordingly, the launch point was far from the venue of the event. Our task was to direct the content and pyrotechnic effects. We also had to take into account the unpredictable flight time of the fireworks and the likelihood of their failure. We prepared additional safety projections that would help to level the plot, but we didn’t have to use them. Everything went well.

The peculiarity of the event venue is that there is a very long observation deck in relation to the mapping object. Our task was to prescribe content in such a way that the projection looked equally impressive at all points and at any angle.

This projection effectively completed the Circle of Light Festival. This festival is a high-level event in the whole industry and the successful performance within the framework of the festival allows raising both the significance of the festival and the number of participants. Our client was very pleased. We will continue to work with him in the future.

Circle of Light projection 2

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