Video Wall Installation Streamlines Intelsat Network Operations Center


When Intelsat decided to combine four separate departments into one all-encompassing network operations center, they selected NEC Display to provide the digital display solution combined with Hiperwall software. The result is a 14-foot by 110-foot video wall for managing mission-critical customer operations.

Nominating Company: NEC Display, Chicago, Illinois
Venue: Intelsat Video Wall, Chicago, Illinois
Project: Intelsat Video Wall
Category: Business & Government Services

Video Wall Installation Streamlines Intelsat Network Operations Center

Intelsat needed to combine four departments that were traditionally separate into a combined Network Operations Center (NOC). The departments included the radio frequency operations center, the managed services operations center, the occasional-use service center and the teleport operations center. Intelsat required a new video wall capable of handling the scope of new tasks that came from the integration, including managing information and both internal and customer video feeds.

The Intelsat team wanted to select a display with minimal bezels so that the new display could appear as “one huge pane of glass.” The computing element behind such a large wall was also a consideration. NEC Display had an advantage over other vendors in that it could integrate Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), which allowed Intelsat to put Hiperwall nodes on board. This allowed Intelsat to run video feeds, some of which were being run from the opposite side of their campus, without moving equipment, which cut down on the system footprint and saved on hardware and wiring.

Intelsat selected 72 55-inch NEC Display X555UVN displays to be arranged in a 3×24 configuration. The Hiperwall software allows the wall’s display configuration to be manipulated. A universal remote allows NOC staff to control individual, groups of, or all monitors at once.

Intelsat’s NOC has been up since October 2016, with 25 to 35 people working with it at any given time, 24/7. Intelsat loves to show the display off to their customers, saying , “Some of them are speechless because it looks so good. Almost all of our main video customers have commented on how little discrepancy there is with the colors and contrast between each monitor, and that the wall looks like a single pane of glass. That’s something not often found, and a true testament to the product.”

Video Wall Installation Streamlines Intelsat Network Operations Center


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