Video Walls at Thailand’s Tiger Nightclub Grow into 94-Display Network


The Tiger nightclub is a 54,000-square-foot complex with four floors of pure entertainment. The club is located in Phuket, Thailand, which is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. An iconic 4-meter-high statue of a tiger stands surrounded by an impressive network of 94 displays throughout the venue. The system consists of grid video walls, independent displays and two artistic 10-display video walls.

Nominating Company: Userful, Calgary, AB, Canada
Venue: Tiger Nightclub, Phuket, Thailand
Project: Tiger Nightclub digital network
Category: Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice

The Tiger Nightclub was looking to modernize their complex layout and enhance the party experience for their visitors. To do that, they searched for an array of video walls and displays that would allow them to feature exciting visuals as well as promote events and deals in the club. The deployment had very specific requirements for their artistic video walls as well as for easy install and maintenance—the displays and video walls were to be installed on locations with limited accessibility. After careful consideration, Tiger Nightclub chose Userful because it was the only solution that fulfilled all their requirements within their budget.

The club’s central piece is a visually striking 13-foot-high statue of a tiger, so the club owners wanted equally striking video walls on each side of the statue. The problem was building a video wall that would fit around the irregular shape of the statue. Most of the video display solutions they found could only do portrait or landscape orientation, and the few they found that could do artistic layouts were far beyond their budget. They wanted a solution that supported whatever type of content they wanted to display such as videos, images, live TV and more. Userful allowed them to easily manage the content on the 94 displays, and they were able to have the same content mirrored in all displays or different content showing on all displays and video walls. Easy management and troubleshooting of the solution was also paramount for the club.

Userful’s AV-over-IP approach allowed the club to have the servers installed in their main office for easy access and safekeeping, and to deploy all 94 displays throughout the club by running just a single ethernet cable to a zero client device on each screen. They deployed a combination of grid video walls of different sizes as well as several standalone displays and two artistic video walls of 10 displays, each effectively contouring the shape of the statue to leave the minimum amount of gaps between statue and display. Content-wise, Tiger Nightclub can now showcase promotional deals, show live TV, easily change the displays ‘on-the-fly,’ or even schedule content changes, all from the club’s main office or remotely through the cloud.


Userful’s video wall and display network was easily installed and configured without disrupting much of the club’s regular operation. The artistic video walls impress the guests, and the VIP area (where the statue is) is now more full than ever. The club is able to better showcase promotions and events through these impressive displays. From an admin standpoint, the club’s manager can quickly change content, and with the use of Userful’s Cloud product, he is able to easily monitor the operation when not on site.

This deployment will set a new standard for entertainment venues in tourist destinations. Wesley Longo, Tiger Nightclub’s manager, said, “Userful became our first choice because of the easy understanding and handling of the platform, the price, and the reliability regarding the procedure, as well as the excellent communication with the engineering and support team.”

Tiger Nightclub won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Restaurants, Bars & Foodservice category.


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