The viewneo 4K SignageBox New UltraHD DS Player Arrives


Duesseldorf, NRW – The digital signage provider Adversign Media extended its product range with the viewneo 4K SignageBox. A new signage player for the professional segment. The release was originally scheduled for the beginning of November 2016. However, Adversign just recently announced the arrival of the new players, ready to be shipped this week.

Playback support of high-resolution content in UltraHD (Ultra High Definition / 4K) is thereby one of the seminal features that came with the release. As part of a complete solution, the 4K player is custom-made for the use with the in-house DS software viewneo and will also run on Android operating system. A powerful octa-core processor ensures highest level of performance and stability, even if operating 24/7. Other than that, the player convinces by its look: A matt black metal case makes for a high quality effect and thanks to its sturdy design, the viewneo 4K SignageBox is a reasonable alternative even for users with professional demands.

“It’s hard to ignore the rapidly rising demand for 4K players. Displaying visually pleasing content is becoming more and more important to the user, which is why ultra high-definition content should become standard in the near future. Our answer to this trend is the viewneo 4K SignageBox.”, Tobias Spelz, Sales Manager at Adversign Media, says .

Tobias Spelz states, that numerous pre-orders witness a strong interest in the player across all industries: “We are more than happy about all the positive feedback coming from partners and customers, and also about the strong demand we already experienced during the pre-sales phase. The feedback is great!”.

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  1. We’ve been working with Viewneo for quite some time and haven been looking forward to the jump to 4k resolution. Thanks for pointing out the signagebox; so far I have been very impressed by it. I love how digital dignage technology keeps improving so quickly. I still remember how expensive and clumsy it all was jut 5 years ago. It’s quite amazing to watch!

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