ViewSonic launches ViewBoard S IFP2710 Interactive Display Solution for Classrooms


LONDON: ViewSonic Europe, a leading global provider of AV display solutions, today announces the launch of its newest interactive panel for education – the ViewBoard S IFP2710.

Whether it’s a lecture in an auditorium or a presentation in a classroom, there are various drawbacks associated with today’s display solutions, such as the requirement for back-facing teaching, shadows impacting the student experience and the writing accuracy of touch-based panels.

The ViewBoard S – the latest product in ViewSonic’s interactive flat panel (IFP) range – continues to support the evolution of teaching by creating a more engaging and collaborative experience for both students and teachers. To cater for educational institutions looking to create modern, interactive learning environments the ViewBoard S offers teaching staff a number of advantages, including: the ability to present and amend lesson content while facing the class; scalable projection tools; precise and intuitive touch experience for annotations; and easy installation straight out of the box.

“We want to integrate the way people teach and learn. With the ViewBoard S IFP2710, teachers are able to change the perception of what a classroom can be,” said Luke Chen, business line manager at ViewSonic Europe. “With front-facing teaching, improved student collaboration and group discussions, and the improved ability to annotate and save lesson content to the cloud and access it at a later date, the ViewBoard S is helping to elevate education in the UK.”

The ViewBoard S IFP2710, where the S stands for Switch, is a new approach to education. Instead of traditional back-facing instructional lessons, the ViewBoard S IFP2710 breaks the mold by enabling the switch to front-facing lessons – allowing teachers to face students while delivering the lesson and annotating content. It also provides flexibility for teaching staff, ensuring they are in full control of the lesson and promotes increased student interaction and engagement.

The ViewBoard S IFP2710 empowers education with three key ‘switch’ factors:

– Switch from back to front-facing presentation
– Switch from traditional to collaborative scale-up classrooms
– Switch from single screen sharing to a multi-directional huddle display

The ViewBoard S IFP2710 also features ViewSonic’s proprietary software for education – myViewBoard – embedded into the display. Cloud-based software designed specifically to enhance the ViewBoard experience, myViewBoard enables teachers to access lesson plans via the cloud for use in presentations, annotate content with a wide range of options, and save files directly to the cloud for colleagues or students to access outside of the classroom environment. Furthermore, multiple participants can cast their content to the screen for more engaging group discussions

The ViewBoard S also offers multi-touch functionality (whereby up to 10 users can interact with panel simultaneously), free annotation tools, as well as Windows gesture support – making it the ideal investment for schools and universities looking to improve student engagement with the curriculum.

When it comes to installation, users looking to combine the ViewBoard S with a large-scale projection display can simply connect the projector with a LAN cable via HDBT technology or an HDMI cord, and any annotations they make on the display will instantly project to the big screen. This solution resolves common projection issues such as shadow casting, as well as the need to install an extra touch module and calibrate touch sensitivity; saving time and hassle during installation.

ViewSonic offers a range of award-wining projectors with scalable projection sizes exceeding 100 inches. Combining this with the ViewBoard S IFP2710, teachers can present and annotate in one location without having to move around and obstruct the view of the screen.


Note: The myViewBoard software is free for the first year. Visit ViewSonic Viewboard S IFP2710 for more product information and follow us on Facebook , LinkedIn and YouTube for the latest news and update.

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