Virgin Holidays Signage Boosts Dwell Time and Offers Proof of Ad Play


Digital signage was installed across Virgin Holidays’ 100 UK-wide retail stores to drive customer engagement through relevant localized time-sensitive offers and tailored content, remove the need for onsite servers thereby improving efficiencies and delivering scalability and provide proof of play for third-party sponsors/advertisers. A key measure of success has been the decision to mandate digital signage at each new retail or concession outlet launched across the UK.

Nominating Company: ONELAN, Dunsden, Reading, UK
Venue: Virgin Holidays Retail Stores, Crawley, UK
Project: Virgin Holidays Retail Stores Deployment
Category: Retail Environments

Virgin’s brief was to create eye-catching retail stores, delivering an increase in footfall and in-store dwell times with engaging experiences and dynamic store designs regardless of whether they were Virgin own-branded or concessions. Installing digital signage was an important element in achieving innovative retail experiences. Delivering this consistently across each store was a significant achievement primarily due to the number of digital signage end points where localized and time-sensitive content is delivered.

The delivery, scalability and management of Virgin and paid-for third-party content can only be achieved using the power and flexibility of the ONELAN CMS. This ability to manage and push relevant, time-sensitive offers and localized content centrally – avoiding the need for onsite servers – has been critical to the ongoing success. Additionally, providing proof of play reporting for third-party sponsors offered an important feature for Virgin to provide measurable data to their advertisers.

The overall project ran smoothly with all teams fully engaged. The only significant constraint was coordinating all parties from the outset so ensuring effective and consistent communication was critical. This required collaboration between stakeholders from the AV and IT teams, the retail team, and facilities management department.

A clear project brief was the key to ensuring the timeframes and milestones for the initial rollout were achieved. Once the brief was agreed upon, no other elements were included to avoid distracting from the tim- critical store opening deadlines. However, any additional requirements were noted, which then assisted with delivering subsequent store rollouts.

The Virgin retail installation is a superb demonstration of how the ONELAN CMS delivers an easy-to-use, flexible and scalable solution across multiple end points – an ideal solution for Virgin retail outlets across disparate locations with varying requirements. The newly designed stores are now engaging and eye-catching.

A key measure of success has been the decision early on to mandate digital signage at each new retail or concession outlet they launch across the UK as the stores. Additionally, the marketing team has saved time and improved their internal efficiencies through sending specific content out to stores centrally, and importantly, where bandwidth is restricted so content can be pushed overnight when stores are closed.

Furthermore, comprehensive reporting provides proof of playback to sponsors thereby removing any ambiguity over where, when and how often content has been played, ensuring advertising costs are easy to administer with guaranteed accuracy.

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