Virgin Money Advances the Banking Experience in London


RMG Networks, a global provider of visual solutions, was appointed by the financial services brand, Virgin Money, to develop an advanced digital experience in the heart of London. RMG proprietary solutions were integrated with various different screen technologies to provide a new style of banking experience for customers.

Nominating Company: RMG Networks, Addison, Texas
Venue: Virgin Money London, London, England
Project: Virgin Money digital banking experience    
Category: Retail

RMG quickly understood the goal to build a state-of-the-art banking experience for Virgin Money customers and that the concept for lounges was more than simply transactional. Virgin Money wanted to provide an exclusive place for customers to be immersed in advanced technology integrated seamlessly into a relaxing environment exuding the Virgin Money brand.

RMG leveraged their enterprise platform that Virgin Money invested in for their call center and service desk to power new display endpoints into the lounge. At the front door, the experience begins with a life-sized augmented reality of Sir Richard Branson enticing customers into the lounge. Other innovative endpoints include a holographic fish tank to bring ambience to the experience, an interactive screen to engage consumers with products and services and a 4K cinema built into the fuselage of an airplane with an ultra-high-definition video wall to provide airplane ‘windows’ for customers to watch the clouds and airplanes fly by.

Challenges were plentiful when organizing a green screen photo shoot with Sir Richard Branson, and augmenting his talent onto a 4K camera feed on the inside of the lounge to deliver the impression of Sir Richard standing in the window, with his voice and index finger tapping on the window delivered to the pavement using a Whispering Glass transducer, enticing customers and representing the Virgin brand.

Challenges continued inside the lounge with the design of lifelike airplane windows built into the fuselage. All-in-all, more than 17 different screens, holograms, augmented realities, interactive and non-interactive technologies, cinema and sound systems, powered by RMG proprietary technology and brought to life by the strength of the Virgin Money brand together with RMG creative services, have set the future standard of Virgin Money Lounges and a new standard for the high street banking experience.

Critical to the success of a project such as this is a strong mix of project management and expertise that spans across creative content, IT, audio-visual solutions, software, construction, design coordination and the flexibility to evolve the requirements as quickly as the client’s vision evolves.
Managing budget, expectations (both internal and external) and the short timeframe was critical, as was the long-term planning for serviceability and maintainability for handover to the RMG 24/7 service desk.

With so much technology and innovation included, it was essential for RMG to design a solution ‘that just works.’ This allowed the Virgin Money staff to worry about their core business, and not to worry about how to change the source on the cinema from Blu-ray to digital signage, or how to change the content to reflect today’s interest rates. With a holographic fish tank included, the staff doesn’t even need to remember to feed the fish!

RMG pic 2

The RMG Networks solution provides an original customer experience that sets Virgin Money apart on the High Street. After being enticed into a Virgin Money Lounge by Sir Richard Branson, customers sit on sofas, relax, gaze at the digital fish and use the Wi-Fi and several iPads made available. They can learn about the various products offered at the bank from digital screens and interactives that display presentations and informational advertisements, and most importantly, Virgin Money can engage with the community in their lounge with a series of events, meetings and social gatherings.

The London Haymarket Lounge for Virgin Money has set a new benchmark on the High Street. Virgin Money is engaging with RMG Networks to replicate its success at lounges across the U.K.

RMG Networks won the DSE 2016 Gold Apex Award in the Retail category.

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