Virtual Product Apps Maximize Retail Experience with Minimal Floor Space


The Miele Small Experience Centre (SMEC) at Yorkdale Shopping Centre in Toronto, Canada offers a unique brand and product experience. It opened in July 2018, and it is the first store with this new concept that offers a maximized shopping experience on small floor space using digital and virtual product interaction solutions. Virtual product experience applications and extraordinary digital signage formats developed and installed by xplace enhance the shopping experience at various touchpoints throughout the store.

Nominating Company: xplace GmbH, Goettingen, Germany
Venue: Miele Small Experience Center at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, Toronto, Canada
Project: Miele Small Experience Center at Yorkdale Shopping Centre
Category: Retail Environments

Digital applications by xplace:

Touchpoints and goals: Creating Awareness, attracting visitors at the entrance
Solution: 2x LED video wall

Touchpoints and goals: Emotion and promotion throughout the store
Solution: In-store TV

Touchpoints and goals: Product advice and interaction, unique virtual product experience
Solution: Virtual washing machine*

Touchpoints and goals: Product interaction and advice, unique virtual product experience
Solution: Hobs – touch display in the oven bench tops with additional product information, interactive cooking simulation*

Touchpoints and goals: Emotional product experience and interaction, advice
Solution: Oven Wall – integrated touch LCD in oven walls with product demo videos*

Touchpoints and goals: Product advice and interaction, cross-selling
Solution: Consumables Wall – interactive product information via RFID technology*

*exclusive product development for MIELE

For the realization of their unique SMEC concept, Miele required a full-service digital signage integrator with the flexibility and creativity to install unique and innovative digital applications on the one hand. On the other hand, the integrator also needed the experience and know-how to realize POS installations quickly and smoothly. A challenge was the content integration. Special designs and content were delivered by a media agency. Content also had to be adapted to special display technologies and display formats.

With its full-service approach, xplace was able to face all project challenges and to complete this innovative and complex project successfully. xplace’s services include hardware and software integration, content adaptation and management, and installation plus ongoing support.

Individual services per solution:
Solution: LED video wall
Services: Hardware, CMS

Solution: In-store TV
Services: Hardware, CMS

Solution: Virtual washing machine
Services: Chassis development with transparent touch LCD, content integration and configuration

Solution: Hobs
Services: Hardware, content adaptation, data integration (Miele product database)

Solution: Oven Wall
Services: Content adaptation (synchronic playback of content on split LCD displays)

Solution: Consumables Wall
Services: Software integration of RFID-technology, data integration (Miele product database), CMS

With its SMEC at Yorkdale, Miele has realized the perfect store concept for its premium product range. The virtual product experience applications and extraordinary digital signage formats support and enhance the concept while creating a unique and exclusive shopping atmosphere.

Consumables Wall pic


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