Volta Charging Stations at Oakland Coliseum


Volta Charging’s innovative business model powers free electric vehicle charging with place-based digital advertising. Volta Charging’s iconic stations are designed to capture attention while simultaneously driving electric vehicle adoption and awareness of sponsor brands. The eight-foot- tall brushed stainless-steel kiosks and high-res, dynamic digital media cannot be missed as visitors pass Volta stations near the entrances of the two sporting complexes at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum.

Nominating Company: AOPEN America, San Jose, California
Venue: Volta Charging – Oakland Coliseum, San Francisco, California
Project: Volta Charging – Oakland Coliseum
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

Volta Charging partnered with AOPEN to unleash the scalability of Volta’s unique sponsored amenity model. AOPEN display engines future-proof the Volta network as it grows, which is critical given that the number of Volta stations has nearly doubled in the 2017 calendar year and is on track to double again in 2018.

Volta was particularly excited to power free EV charging at the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, because the region is the nation’s top hotspot for electric vehicle adoption. The Complex hosts three national league teams as well as world-renowned artists and performers that draw crowds all year round. The consistent traffic makes the Complex ideal for driving awareness and consideration of clean transportation alternatives.

Before partnering with AOPEN, Volta relied on digital media players that were adapted to drive dynamic media displays, but were not purpose-built for the task. As the network grew, Volta began pushing up against the limits of the adapted hardware to manage thousands of ultra-high resolution assets across hundreds of stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By partnering with AOPEN, the Volta team was able to streamline operations and eliminate existing limitations to network growth.

The benefits of the partnership began even before the hardware hit the field. AOPEN delivered commercial-grade media players with key pieces of customized software pre-installed, which transformed Volta display installations into a smooth plug-and-play process.

Once in the field, AOPEN’s media player design and capacity helped unlock network growth. AOPEN’s purpose-built media players were designed from the chip upward to manage vast inventories of dynamic content on networks of digital kiosks. AOPEN will grow with Volta as the charging network begins incorporating multiple digital displays into individual charging stations. With the capability to control content on multiple displays from one player, AOPEN enables the continued evolution of Volta media displays without needing to go back and retrofit the media player equipment.

The tangible results of the AOPEN partnership are evident throughout each phase of the Volta EV charging station lifecycle. Pre-installing software and testing display functionality at the factory saves critical engineering resources, keeping them focused on the growth of the company.

The plug-and-play simplicity of integrating AOPEN players into Volta kiosks saves time, labor, complexity and error risk in the field, helping improve the efficiency of Volta operations. The most visible and tangible impact is in the improved reliability and scalability of Volta’s place-based media inventory.

One key advantage Volta holds over web-based digital media is the ability to present sponsor brands exactly as their design teams intended. AOPEN’s technology helps maximize the value and impact of each piece of beautifully designed, high-resolution brand collateral shown across the Volta network.

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