Voodooh and Quividi Collaborate to Support Smart Digital OOH Experiences


London, May 2nd 2018 – Voodooh, independent creative, operations and systems experts for Digital OOH, and Quividi, the global leader in Digital OOH Analytics and Interactivity, announce a formal partnership.

The first phase of the partnership will see the two partners work on supporting audience-aware experiences, using real-time data to make creative and messaging more engaging and effective.

Quividi’s data enables targeted, interactive and intelligent Digital OOH content, that reacts and adapts automatically to its audience, while respecting personal privacy.

Voodooh facilitates the relevant tech integration and management to ensure clients are always benefiting as much as possible from the inherent intelligence within Digital OOH ecosystems.

« With our long history of working with the world’s largest out-of-home media owners, voodooh is uniquely qualified to not only understand their day-to-day operational ecosystems, but also the additional opportunities offered by integrating additional data systems like Quividi » says Martin Ayrton, voodooh’s CTO.

« Quividi went from a world of cutting edge technology, to become a trusted data company, and most recently emerging also as an experience company driven by that data » says Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phuc, Quividi’s CEO. « This partnership with voodooh is another step towards creating contextual Everyday Experiential for Digital OOH ».

Voodooh will have a preferred access to Quividi’s LABS, a set of creative products including Quividi’s AI-agent Campaign Genius and Algorithm Store.

Campaign Genius assembles stories created by a brand and optimizes their combinations to get the most attention. The first Digital OOH Campaign Genius-powered campaign improved audience attention by up to 32%.

Quividi’s algorithm store features specific interaction, such as Head nodding detection (with content reacting to an head tilt such as nodding up and down to mean “yes” and side-to-side to mean “no”), and clothes color detection, that can be used to power a targeted suggestion engine, such as a matching item.

The two partners currently attend London Digital Signage Week (April 30th – May 4th), with Quividi speaking on stage at DailyDooh’s European Out of Home Media Summit 2018 on Wednesday May 2nd.

About voodooh – voodooh is a 100% independent Digital OOH resource, offering content production and delivery, systems development and impartial consulting services within the digital out-of-home space both in the UK and internationally.

Our founders have worked for and with the world’s largest media owners and clients, establishing industry solutions, driving best practice, and co-developing and delivering intelligent Digital OOH ever since. 

Fiercely independent, totally transparent, and offering a level of impartiality that our competitors simply cannot match.

About Quividi – www.quividi.com

Quividi’s In Real-Time & In Real Life data unlock the full potential of programmatic trading and contextual advertisement for screen network operators, agencies and advertisers.

Created in 2006, Quividi is the industry standard for Audience and Attention Analytics in DOOH with over 600 end-customers and 1 billion people counted every month in 80+ countries. Quividi’s computer-vision technology measures viewability, views and attention time, which elevate DOOH to the most accountable digital medium available today. Its creative and marketing suite also enables campaign creation and optimization, based on context and audience engagement (demographics, mood, environment…).

Quividi’s solutions fully respect privacy, they never store any face images or collect any biometric identifiers and personal data.

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