VOX Cinema Opts for Fully Digital Customer Experience


VOX Cinema partnered with Blue Rhine Technologies to execute the vision of the CEO, which was to create a fully digital customer experience. This was part of a major refurbishment program across its UAE locations, including City Centre- Deira, which also launched the largest cinema screen in the Middle East.

Nominating Company: Blue Rhine Technologies, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Venue: VOX Cinema in City Centre Deira- Dubai -Majid AIFuttaim Cinemas, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Project: VOX Cinema in City Centre Deira
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

VOX was keen to create a unique and digital customer experience, allowing visitors to be fully and instantly immersed in the theatrics of cinema as they enter the foyer. Digital signage provides a much more engaging experience than traditional banners by creating an eye-catching display. The refurbishment was not only to create a dynamic digital experience but also to raise operational efficiency, become flexible and modernize facilities and operational processes. Digital signage content, including dynamic menu boards, rolling trailers and images from the latest movie releases, can now be managed centrally thereby reducing time and labor.

All the digital screens were to be in sync, playing the same content at the same time so as to create an experience as visitors walk down the foyer. This also creates great advertising opportunities for the cinema, when all the digital displays can be used during cinema premieres or for advertising. One of the design challenges was to ensure that the enclosed columns for screens were well ventilated with heat management plates. Blue Rhine had the task of installing all screens in phases whilst the cinema was fully operating within 15 days.

VOX Cinema Opts for Fully Digital Customer Experience SOLUTIONS
The solution included 108 of the 55-inch Phillips X-line series across nine columns in the foyer where each panel is full HD. All screens in the venue, including the columns, are synchronized together and utilize Four Winds software to allow VOX to be able to capture the attention of viewers and run impactful movie promotions.

There are an additional 24 Phillips 55-inch E-Line menu boards, followed by a 84-inch 4K screen and 65-inch screens in the lobby. A staggering 67 square meters of 3.12 pixel pitch LED screen space across the venue, have more than 4K resolution using the Matrox C680 graphic card. The LED screens are magnetically installed with front access for ease of maintenance and also to avoid having thicker walls and rear access doors to the screens.

VOX was keen to engage and interact with their social media savvy customers through a dedicated six- screen ‘Twitter Wall’ with live Twitter, lnstagram and Facebook feeds.

Blue Rhine’s vast regional experience and presence, in-house talent and planning over several months allowed them to meet VOX Cinema’s expectations, creating an environment that captures the senses.

Blue Rhine was able to fulfill the CEO’s vision that allows the visitor a complete digital experience every step of the way, from entrance to ticket counter and concession stand through to the entrance.

Philips Signage Solution for LCD and Videowalls
Blue Rhine Technologies for LED screens
Four Winds Interactive for digital signage software

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