Waterloo Station Doubles as NYC for Ghostbusters Promotion


JCDecaux and Sony Pictures have joined forces and taken over London’s Waterloo Station for a two-week promotional extravaganza around the cinematic reboot of Ghostbusters. In addition to a whole bunch of digital signage (and sampled NYC audio) in the immersion zone of Waterloo’s commuter tunnel, this campaign includes 8-meter ‘Slime Poles’ around the station, a retail pop-up brimming with movie merchandise that was made to look like the entrance to the New York Subway and much more.

Stuart Williams, Deputy Managing Director & Marketing Director at Sony Pictures U.K. said, “We were very excited to work with the team at JCDecaux as a media partner for our campaign for the release of Ghostbusters in cinemas. We wanted to deliver more than a pure awareness outdoor campaign and give people the chance to experience Ghostbusters for themselves and be part of the excitement. Our campaign with JCDecaux has achieved this on many levels using a range of the outdoor opportunities on offer across a variety of digital screen formats, phone boxes and culminating with our takeover of Waterloo station from July 11. This will give people the chance to have a truly immersive experience, buy merchandise and purchase their cinema ticket too. The activity covers experiential, media, digital, publicity and merchandising and is a critical part of our release campaign to make Ghostbusters the film event of the summer.”

Taking every opportunity to be top-of-mind with potential moviegoers, JCDecaux has “Ghostbusters Box Office Now Open” messaging displayed at other rail stations and malls around town. There’s also been several ghost sightings around the country, and this massive coordination even saw Birmingham Bullring and Manchester Piccadilly break out ECTO-1—the Ghostbusters unmistakable ride. See the video from Waterloo Station below.

Yes. There’s a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man breaking through the concourse floor, monopolizing the attention of pedestrians and their smartphones, but check out the whirling digital signage in the background that’s not only resurrecting the iconic movie logo but highlighting the new team’s proton packs and other tech updates with glorious 21st Century CGI effects. There’s been a whole lot of hullabaloo over the need for a Ghostbusters reboot in the first place (especially if the original cast wasn’t signing on) and the “sexist” social media backlash over a female cast primarily from man children and film geeks who deem the original to be hallowed cinematic territory. Regardless of where you may stand on those issues, this is the way to advertise a new summer movie … with spectacle. The creative multimedia (handled by Feref, MGOMD and Talon) may even help get a few butts back in movie theater seats … at least in the U.K.

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