Wavetec Launches 2nd Generation 4K Donatello Digital Signage Player


The upgrade to the Donatello digital signage player line combines the best connectivity, design and hardware components supported by the leading proprietary signage software Donatello Suite.

The new signage player comes with a powerful Quad Core 2.0 GHz processor with standard internal storage of 8GB. Users will also able to increase external storage up to 16GB allowing more media content availability. The new and improved chipset allows faster computational power enabling users to play 4K content from the media player.

Powered by Donatello media suite, the player offers improved Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity allowing multiple players and user connectivity to the CMS for real-time content updation from any location.

The new media player also comes with several enhancements in system control and maintenance features. A dashboard view enables remote access to all media players in ecosystem, therefore phasing out any need for physical support. Furthermore, the dashboard allows real-time monitoring of running content on all players followed by content upload status of all media content.

“We are very excited to further augment our Donatello product line with this state of the art signage player. It is satisfying to see that our product innovations are helping our clients and businesses grow more efficiently and economically.” Tobias Bessone, Deputy CEO Wavetec.

“The new box is also CE & FCC certified” Tobias added.

About Wavetec
Wavetec is a full-service Digital Signage provider, working strategically with clients to create effective digital signage solutions that support businesses. For over 27 years, Wavetec has been implementing and integrating digital signage solutions in businesses globally. Every signage application differs from business and brand strategy. Our signage solutions are custom designed to meet your business objectives and goals.

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