Webinar: From the Picture Show to the Cinema: How TruLife is Bringing Cinema Quality Visuals to Direct View LED Displays


Date & Time: Thursday, April 13, 2017, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EST


Summary: The human eye is the most dynamic, highest resolution biological optical sensor in the world. With real-time adaptable sensitivity to impact every second of our waking life, shouldn’t our digital stimulation be built to match?

Join the team at NanoLumens for an in-depth look at bringing cinema quality imagery to narrow pixel pitch LED. During this educational webinar hosted by our very own display technology expert, CTO Gary Feather will share his insights on:
• The impact of resolution on TruLife™ imagery
• How digital signage can stimulate the human eye sufficiently to recreate more natural true-life images
• The industry impact of cinema quality to the growing LED display market

At NanoLumens we make dreams a reality through mass-customized, scalable LED display solutions for every size and purpose, both indoor and out. The industry leading designer of visualization solutions, we combine the world’s most powerful display platform with an unparalleled array of visual communication solutions, giving our clients an unprecedented ability to provide the most engaging customer experiences with the highest quality, American designed, assembled and supported products in the marketplace.

Gary Feather picSpeaker Bio: Gary Feather is a sought-after senior operations executive and an expert in the worlds of display technology, imaging, lighting and energy systems. He holds nine United States Patents with co-inventors in TV, display content and LED systems. Feather began his career at Texas Instruments where he progressed through the ranks for 17 years before moving to Sharp Electronics where he served as the Senior Vice President of LED Lighting. Today, Gary currently spearheads product development and operations as NanoLumens’ CTO.

An avid traveler, he has earned 3.9 million lifetime airline miles! And today, because the majority of his travel is for work, you can find him enjoying home; involved with Bible Study Fellowship, Norcross Cooperative Ministries and Medical Teams International.


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