Wedding in Armenia Gets 3D 360-Degree Projection Mapping Decoration


The event was held in the banquet hall of the hotel, which belongs to one of the richest people in Armenia and was built specifically for this wedding. This was the first event at the hotel, and the prestigious guest list included presidents of countries. The visual specificity of this event is an abstract 3D environment.

Nominating Company: Magic Innovations, Bilogorodka, Kyiv, Ukraine
Venue: Royal Wedding, Yerevan, Armenia.
Project: Royal Wedding
Category: Hospitality

The main task was to decorate the site in the format of a 3D 360-degree projection. In addition to a general script, the architectural features of the premises inside and outside the building were also taken into account. The idea was to immerse guests in the fantasy world of wedding magic and convey the mood of tradition in a modern way.

Content preparation took place in conditions of insufficient awareness. Given the fact that the location was being completed, it turned out to be impossible to fully understand very important details about the space such as dimensions. As an example, shortly before the day of implementation, it turned out that part of the interior elements of the hotel room were made of black marble. And this is not very good for projection. There was a limited time for a trial run, which minimalized our chance for making edits.

In the conditions of not being fully aware of the technical features of the premises, our team had to make several decisions. We also had to make several additional trips to clarify location measurements and test the reflectivity of materials. Our team also tested individual locations at the moment of their readiness. The hotel was completed two days before the event. Then, we were able to quickly combine all previous developments. This approach allowed us to hold the event successfully.

This event was the first of this scale, and it has set the bar for the level of grandeur that most events at this location will have.

Royal Wedding won a DSE 2019 APEX Award in the Hospitality category.

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