Wells Fargo Center Atrium Display System Synchronizes with One Click


ANC collaborated with the Wells Fargo Center on technological advancements for the arena including an additional 10,000 square feet of state-of-the-art LED. The Wells Fargo Center now features 103 displays, 68 servers, 44 mezzanine displays, 34 main concourse menu boards, 20 atrium displays, 10 in-arena displays, four scalers, and three third party systems (including lighting) being triggered that can all be synchronized with one (1) click.

Nominating Company: ANC, Purchase, New York
Venue: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Project: Wells Fargo Center Atrium Displays
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

The complete digital media transformation of the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia included removing all static signage in the main atriums and replacing them with digital technology, helping create an immersive environment in a high trafficked area of the arena and providing revenue opportunities by utilizing the space for advertisements. The new displays are synchronized through our vSOFT operating system that controls all digital signage throughout the venue, including menu boards, LCD displays, displays in the team shop and many other locations. The system has the capability to trigger other systems throughout the arena, including the lighting controls, and to control them all seamlessly through a single click.

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Wells Fargo Center was looking to be able to synchronize multiple technology systems with a single click. This would require ANC’s software development team to create a custom system with these capabilities, which is unlike anything they had developed before. Another challenge was working in harmony with all the events taking place in the arena like concerts and group meetings. Every time there was a concert, ANC had to clear all working materials and put everything back in their trailers, sometimes having to clear out of the spaces a whole 24 hours prior to an event.

ANC’s software development team was tasked with creating a system that would be able to speak to not only the digital signage, but audio, video and lighting systems. What ANC’s team was able to develop helped the company’s proprietary vSOFT become the true technology hub, synchronizing multiple technologies, and allowing a single click to control content and lighting. These new features enable all displays, menu boards, and atrium displays to be synchronized with the lighting system, which can be adjusted depending on the content playing on the screens.

To work around events scheduled in the arena during the install process, ANC had weekly meetings with Wells Fargo Center to discuss these events and the best way to handle the work schedule. This would help ensure all members of the team were on the same page and develop a schedule to get the project completed on time.

The new display network offers advertisers additional opportunities and creatives flexibility throughout the arena. This new digital media network has already proven itself to be an attractive sponsorship opportunity since the full system premiered in October 2017.

Wells Fargo Center’s advertising team has seen a 152 percent revenue growth in the atrium areas of the venue due to the installation of the new LED screens. They have also secured three brand new venue advertisers in Yuengling Beer, Ford and Pierce Phelps, a development that is directly tied to the new atrium displays.

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