Western New England University Installs Digital Network Solution


Right Media Solutions provided an end-to-end digital network solution within a new building on the Western New England University campus. The network is integrated with a variety of highly customized content sources that drive messages, information, alerts and entertainment to the displays. This content is driven by a dynamic scheduling system that allows for maximum flexibility and code-triggered channel updates.

Nominating Company: Right Media Solutions, Salem, Massachusetts
Venue: Western New England University, Springfield, Massachusetts
Project: Digital Network Solution at Western New England University
Category: Educational Environments

The college wanted to create a system of displays that would both inform and entertain students as well as staff and visitors. The project fell in line with the opening of a new building on campus that housed food services, lounge areas, conference rooms and classrooms. The key concept was to create a network that could adapt on the fly in order to direct messages to the proper audience within the most effective window of opportunity. Given this, displays were strategically installed within entryways, check-out lanes, seating areas, conference rooms, class rooms and hallways, all in an effort to maximize the delivery of the message.

The biggest challenge of the project was the development of solutions that satisfied the content demands of the school. These requirements fell outside of the standard content development and content management options. It was essential that the network was able to display content that was delivered through customized RSS sources, a Tockify event calendar feed, streaming video sources and a variety of API integrations. Given the variety of sources, we needed to marry a variety of languages into the CMS.

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Each content source was integrated independently using its own method of reading the source, gathering the data and finally displaying it within the branding guidelines of the University. For example, the Tockify solution utilized an XML feed that was written in a format that needed to be parsed and edited in order to properly display, while other integrated RSS feeds utilized different formatting that used a different set of rules. In the end, templates with defined variables were created within the CMS that would allow for enhanced flexibility.

Including the procurement of hardware and installation services, all of the requirements that the University set on the network were met with the integration of all of the features listed below: Brand Management RSS Integrations Weather/Time Tockify Rave Alert System MTVU Cheddah Streaming Services Camera Integration Dynamic Scheduling Condition Based Content Playback Student Developed Content and more…

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