Westgate Las Vegas Installs Largest Indoor LED Video Wall


A new LED Video wall was installed inside the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook in September 2015. The goal was to give their dated Sportsbook a facelift with the latest in display technology. The challenge was that the Sportsbook needed to remain open, yet conceal construction of the video wall.

Nominating Company: RP Visual Solutions, Anaheim, California
Venue: Westgate Las Vegas Superbook, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project: Westgate Las Vegas LED Video Wall
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

Westgate wanted to renovate their Sportbooks and update screen technology with UHD LED for better viewing opportunities for their guests. RP Visuals supplied the mounting structure and installation. HB Communications was the integrator, and Christie provided their 2.52-millimeter Velvet LED panels. The structure is 200-feet-wide by 20-feet-high with 75 flat columns and 62 curved columns, and it boasts more than 65 million pixels. It is the world’s largest indoor LED video wall.

Creating a seamless video wall in a curved radius is tricky. Our goal was to provide a seam between tiles at .025 millimeters. But RP Visual Solutions is known for having the tightest seams in the industry. Another challenge was trying to create such a massive structure and have the Superbook remain open during the construction of this massive video wall.

A new LED Video wall was installed inside the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook in September 2015. SOLUTIONS
Using the Christie Velvet was the ideal solution for this venue, providing a high resolution LED display, with bright, clear visuals, excellent viewing and accurate color reproduction. But the really tricky part was creating a mount that allowed for rear service so as not to interrupt this 24/7 operation. RP Visual created an architecturally integrated custom mount that included serviceability from the rear. In addition to that, they had to test each LED panel prior to installation to ensure each was functioning.

This is currently the LARGEST indoor LED Video wall. This is truly a “game changer” for the Entertainment/Hospitality/Casino industry. It has started a trend in Vegas, and at other casinos around the world where people are looking to replace tired flat panels with the much brighter and higher resolution direct-view LED.

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