Why LED Display Solutions Are A Must-Have For Your Business


Digital signage grabs 72 percent more attention than online ads. It is a tool that every industry, be it retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports, or corporate environments, is adopting to communicate effectively with consumers. Digital signage has become a go-to marketing tool for businesses.

Digital signage has become a part of our day-to-day lives. LED displays are a common sight at airports and train stations, where digital displays are used to see departure and arrival times amongst other pieces of information. You must have ordered by looking at the digital menu of your local fast food chain. We are more accustomed to the digitalized world than we were a decade ago; that’s why digital signage is more significant in today’s world.

LED displays help companies to make their presence felt in the competitive world of business. Digital signage grabs attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animation and full-motion video. Digital signage in public venues reaches more people than an Internet video. These low maintenance screens are a perfect solution for all your product marketing woes. So, if you want something that is less expensive than television ads but reaches more people, digital signage is the answer.

90 percent of the information that our brain processes is visual information. It is no surprise that more than 60 percent of people who see a product on a digital display want to learn more about the product.

40 percent of customers agree that indoor LED displays impact their buying decisions. LED displays entice consumers to spend more. As many as 80 percent of customers agreed that they entered a store because the digital sign outside the shop caught their attention.

It’s not surprising that people notice digital signas, but it is striking that people remember seeing them and remember the content they saw a month ago. The recall rate of digital signage is 83 percent.

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Display

Outdoor digital displays not only grab attention but are cost-effective as well. On the other hand, putting up traditional banners costs a lot of money; it takes three days to completely dry the paint used for traditional banners, and manual labor to put up big traditional banners is expensive.

Outdoor displays play a crucial role in brand promotion. The location of an outside digital display is important to ensure that it reaches the target audience. The proper size of the digital signage plays a vital role in influencing customers as well; the size of the text, product, and product placement is equally important.

Outdoor digital signage can survive harsh weather conditions. The waterproof screen works well in rain and thunderstorm. Digital signage is easy and quick to update any time; you can even schedule the content because you are in full control.

Indoor digital signage is used in malls, shops, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The replacement parts of indoor signage are easily available, and it has higher operational value. The highly customizable screens enable a business to change the content as many times as one wants.

So let’s review why digital signage is important for the business:

Grabs Attention

More people look at digital signage than they look at traditional banners. Digital display catches attention from afar. These displays help in creating brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand.

It Gives You an Edge over the Competition

It is important to remain in the public eye. They say “Out of sight, out of mind.” In the marketing world, a business needs to remain in the public eye constantly, and digital signage helps to achieve that easily.

Abundance of Choices

As a business, you can choose the setup that is best for you. The setup can be simple and basic or diverse and complex. A business can choose multiple screens to show the same or different content, which gives the business an abundance of choices.


With the help of digital display, the information reaches a large number of audiences at an affordable price. Advertisement on the digital display is 80 percent cheaper than television ads, but is effective to promote a business in a short amount of time. Even small businesses can take advantage of digital display for their brand promotion.

Low Maintenance

Digital displays don’t require expensive maintenance. They are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Digital signage doesn’t require regular upkeep like traditional banners.


Interactive digital displays let the customers access the information as per their taste. A consumer can get the information that they need in real time.


The digital display screens are eco-friendly; they consume less electricity. With the digital screens, there is less wastage of paper. For example, a restaurant changes menus according to the season, and lots of paper gets wasted each year on the menu. This problem can be easily solved with digital screens.

Automatic Brightness Control

With the automatic brightness control feature of digital displays, you don’t have to adjust the brightness manually. Without the automatic brightness control feature, it would be difficult to see the screen at night. And on a cloudy day, you don’t have to worry about adjusting the brightness, as it will be adjusted automatically.

Different Viewing Angles

With the different viewing angles of digital displays, a viewer can read it from any angle. Drivers and pedestrians can view the message on digital signage without any problem due to the different viewing angles of the digital display.

Animation, Graphics and Text in Multicolor

To make the signage eye-catching, incorporate different fonts, colorful text, graphics, and animation. LED ticker displays are useful in providing live information and sharing market stats and news.

Video and Clips

Short videos and clips not only make your digital signage stand out, but they also help the business to create their space in the market.


Indoor and outdoor LED displays are an important tool that help in brand awareness and business promotion. In today’s digital world, it is important for a business, be it small or large, to focus on the digital display.

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