World-Class Displays and Engineering at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC, and many of the landmark events in sports and entertainment, made its debut in 2017. The stadium is one of the most technologically advanced venues in the world today and features an integrated digital canvas of uniquely-shaped displays containing 16 LED video boards that total 83,500 square feet – more than any other sports venue in the world.

Nominating Company: Daktronics, Brookings, South Dakota
Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia
Project: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Category: Event Venues & Hospitality

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium project was designed years in advance, allowing the Daktronics engineering team to innovate customized products specifically for the stadium. The stadium’s design and structural teams worked closely with the Daktronics team to collaborate and refine abstract drawings into feasible, attainable designs.

Prior to the 2017 NFL season, the largest LED video display in all of sports was completely designed, engineered, manufactured and installed by Daktronics. The never-been-done-before, 360-degree halo display has been a groundbreaking engineering innovation. The halo board is installed above the field as part of the stadium’s unique retractable roof.

There were many challenges and multiple decisions necessary to bring Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s visions to reality. Because of its sheer size, the Halo display’s weight was a challenge. In addition, custom cabinetry was required due to the curved, smooth elliptical shape of the Halo display.

We relied on our extensive knowledge and experience working in large professional sporting venues to truly understand the direction of this project with the end goal in mind. Mercedes-Benz Stadium wanted a partner to complete an engineering feat to help transform the way LED video technology was used in a sports venue. We (Daktronics) were up for the challenge and delivered.

“Daktronics is in a league of their own. We selected to work with them because of their dependability known throughout the industry as well as the creativity they bring in crafting something that has never been done.”
– Rich McKay, Atlanta Falcons CEO


15HD LED video display (Mega Column)
2016 lines of resolution x 1416 columns of resolution
100’10” x 70’10” (30.72 m x 21.58 m)

Daktronics overcame many challenges with this exciting project. Because of the halo display’s massive size and weight, we designed new power supplies to reduce the weight on the stadium’s roof to make this a feasible project. In addition, we designed custom cabinets for the curved, smooth elliptical shape of the Halo.

The halo display measures 58 feet high by 1,075 feet in circumference. It’s more than five stories high and nearly three times larger than the largest display in professional football. The mega column is a four-sided display covering a building support structure. At a total of 6,700 square feet, the mega column has more square footage than the main video displays at 17 professional football venues and 23 major league venues for baseball.

Each display’s 15HD pixel layout features variable content zoning for multiple windows to show any combination of video/stats/graphics/animations sponsor messages.

The LED video displays have been hugely popular to anyone who visits Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Fans are immersed in dynamic video content at nearly every viewpoint. From the unprecedented Halo display to the Mega Column display to the uniquely-shaped Feather Wall display to the club displays, Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers more LED real estate than any other stadium in the world and provides the ultimate game-day experience like nothing else available in sports.

In addition to the halo and mega column displays, Daktronics installed 14 other LED displays throughout the facility including fascia and auxiliary displays and a 4-millimeter Feather Wall display. Four displays feature NPP LED technology with pixels spaced 2.5 millimeters apart to bring fans into the action with up close live video and replays in two stadium club areas. Field-level perimeter displays are also included as part of the project to surround the pitch during Atlanta United FC events.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium won a 2018 APEX Award in the Event Venues & Hospitality category.

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