Wynn Sportsbook Las Vegas Sports Large, Curved and Architecturally Integrated Video Wall


Located in the luxurious Wynn Resort and Casino is the newly renovated Sportsbook — a large, curved and architecturally integrated video wall spanning 1,500 square feet. This 21 million pixel video wall is 137-feet-wide by 11-feet-high and is comprised of 2.6-millimeter Peony LED from SiliconCore Technology. RP Visual Solutions (RPV) designed and engineered the custom ceiling support structure that contours the radius of the Sportsbook and allows for precision alignment of the 1,176 LED tiles.

Nominating Company: rp Visual Solutions, Anaheim, California
Venue: Wynn Sportsbook Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Nevada
Project: Wynn Sportsbook Las Vegas
Category: Entertainment & Recreation

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Project partners Technology West, SiliconCore technology, RP Visual Solutions and Analog Way were called upon to help renovate an old projection screen system with the latest LED video wall technology in
2017. The Wynn Sportsbook had been open for 12 years and had utilized the same projection system since opening. Project developers realized the need for a technology refresh and chose SiliconCore for its high resolution, Technology West for its integration service, rp Visuals for engineering expertise and Analog Way for its seamless processing.

This LED wall had to follow the contour of the original Sportsbook, which entailed two roughly 90-degree turns, each with a different degree of radius. Additionally, this wall is suspended from the ceiling. The video wall is connected to the custom mount, which, in turn, is connected to the building’s overhead structural elements via a template based on precise measurements. The template, which has the same dimensions as the LED wall, is attached to the structural elements of the building via threaded rods. They not only offer solid attachment, but also the ability to fine-tune the template along its X-Y axis, enabling it to negotiate the curves precisely. Another concern addressed by RPV’s mount was that of thermalization. RPV incorporated a chimney system on the backside of the LED panels, providing a route for heat to escape upwards via a convection process.

RPV is known for designing and engineering solutions for unique applications. The Wynn Sportsbook ticks off several of their reputed capabilities- large, curved, and architecturally Integrated. Their team of mechanical engineers worked with the project development team at the Wynn to create a custom solution that would mimic the large curved space inside the Sportsbook using the latest LED video wall technology from SiliconCore. By creating a template, it allows for precision alignment of the 1,176 LED Tiles to create a seamless experience for the Sportsbooks patrons to enjoy.

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The video wall is the centerpiece of the Sportsbook, so it had to be stunning and offer the best visual experience. Not only did the project partners create an amazing viewing experience for the Boks patrons, but the technology renovation also allows the flexibility to have video windows wherever they were wanted within the video wall. It also allowed for a seamless, smooth ticker — something you don’t see at other books, and a bevy of new applications for its AV, including running films of classic boxing matches.

SiliconCore Technology
Analog Way
Technology West

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