Xilica® Announces Five-Year Limited Warranty


Extended warranty covers eligible DSP products, expansion cards and other modular solutions shipping from authorized partners from July 1, 2020

Toronto, July 1, 2020 — Xilica®, a global leader in digital signal processing technology for AV/IT, will provide a “Five-Year Limited Warranty” covering most eligible, Xilica-branded products starting July 1, 2020. The modular nature of Xilica digital signal processing (DSP) solutions means that the warranty will also cover new expansion modules, field-swappable cards, and other devices that expand a previously-purchased DSP’s capabilities.

The new extended warranty aligns with changing customer habits and requirements that relate to both system scalability, and the increased integration of digital signal processing within modern AV/IT networks.

“Xilica customers place their trust in the Xilica brand based on its proven track record of reliability and durability,” said Donny Chow, CEO for Xilica. “By extending its three-year limited warranty to five years, Xilica underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering quality, value, and reliability to our global base of partners and end customers.”

The extended warranty, which is limited to Xilica solutions sold by authorized dealers or distributors, ensures quick replacement to address system failures. Xilica will overnight replacement products to U.S customers to minimize downtime during repairs. Outside the U.S., customers will receive prompt attention from any of Xilica’s 75+ global service centers, which are staffed with Xilica Certified technicians. With their shared commitment to providing a quality customer experience, Xilica’s global service partners will expedite equipment swaps and backups from their inventories to ensure customer satisfaction.

Chow notes that many of Xilica’s competitors cap their warranties at just one, two, or three years. “We at Xilica are confident about the quality, durability, and robustness of our DSP product portfolio, and we guarantee exceptional performance through one of the best DSP manufacturer warranties in the business,” he said. “Should you have a problem with a Xilica product, rest assured that we will promptly make it right, regardless of your location.”


About Xilica

Xilica® is an award-winning manufacturer of innovative, next-generation digital signal processing solutions for AV/IT control and command applications including conference, corporate, hospitality and leisure, retail and transportation. From its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Xilica sells and supports products worldwide in over 75 countries, gaining rapid acknowledgement for its all-modular, ultra-small-format and high-performance product ranges that solve critical business challenges.


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