Xingmei Movie Theater Glasses-Free 3D Advertisement Machine Combines 3D, AR and Facial Recognition


The “Xingmei Movie Theater Glasses-Free 3D Advertisement Machine” project aimed to accomplish two goals. First and foremost, it was to provide a brand new advertisement experience for the customers through glasses-free 3D.The second goal was to create a valuable advertisement effect and business model with the face recognition technology. With these two goals accomplished, Glasses-free 3D technology and AR technology are attracting more and more people to interact with the machines.

Nominating Company: NEWTOP 3D Solution Co., Ltd, Shenzhen, Guangdong China
Venue: Xingmei Movie Theater Glasses-Free 3D Advertisement Machine, Shenzhen, Guangdong China
Project: Xingmei Movie Theater Glasses-Free 3D Advertisement Machine
Category: Venues & Public Spaces

Zhongchuanghemei, an advertisement operator in China issued the request to start the “Xingmei Movie Theater Glasses-Free 3D advertisement Machine” project.

Other than the visual impact created by the Glasses-free 3D technology, the machine is also loaded with Augmented Reality technology that allows people to interact with the advertisement rather than passively receiving information from it.

Through the facial recognition technology, business owners will be able to identify people by gender and ethnicity as well as what kind of advertisement they viewed at which location during what time. Therefore, we gather information about the effect of that advertisement.

The project required cooperation of many parties, and the delivery time granted was rather short. Under such pressure, communication between parties was the first problem to overcome. However, this issue was just a minor problem compared to the technology difficulties that were faced. To our knowledge, this project is unprecedented, thus, we had to design and craft every detail of the machine. In order to do so, we faced three critical issues. The first issue was the difficulty to craft an 85-inch glasses-free 3D screen. Such a size is gigantic in our industry. We faced even more severe issues on the software side. Since the project is unprecedented, there is no content management system that can support our glasses-free 3D contents. Therefore, creating a CMS was the top priority. Other than that, the integration of so many technologies (Glasses-free 3D, AR, Face Recognition) was also a major issue to deal with.

To solve the communication problem, we utilized online collaboration tools such as “Trello” to coordinate our work. In this way, we kept each group member posted. It also contributed to speeding up the problem solving process.

As for the production issues, we optimized the production process and production facilities so we could increase production quality and efficiency. In addition to hardware enhancement, we used a software called “Pro-E” to stimulate the assembly before we actually took action. In this way, we were able to expose the problem before it really occurred and solve it before production, so the delivery time would be secured.

Our Swiss software development team managed to solve the CMS issue as well. Combining experiences from previous projects, the Swiss team did not only manage to develop a CMS that was perfectly functional but also made the system fully integrated with other technologies.


Overall, the project has achieved success as we expected. We have already deployed 19 advertisement machines in 19 different areas during the first phase of the project, and we have started to deploy 19 more in the next phase.

According to the data we collected, people tend to spend much more time in front of our 3D advertisement machine compared to traditional 2D ones. Glasses-free 3D technology and AR technology are attracting more and more people to interact with the machines.

Since the machine has been accepted by the crowd, our face recognition system has already started to collect data for the business owners, so they can easily evaluate the effect of advertisements and conduct customer profiles. In addition, our client has started to charge the business owners for advertisements, and is making considerable revenue out of it.

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