Zablong Pizza taps T1V Interactive in new Fast Casual Restaurant Concept in Charlotte, NC


Zablong Pizza’s fast casual restaurant concept launched in early 2016, and features T1V Interactive touchscreen technology as part of the unique experience it provides its patrons from start to finish.

When speaking to Zablong Co-founder Steve Young on how they came up with the idea, Steve references a desire to create an experience for their restaurant-goers that is interactive from the moment they walk in the door. Once the customer enters the location, they’re able to pick their pizza dough, select a variety of toppings, and then the pizza is in the oven. It’s at this point that the customer must wait…so Steve and his partners thought, what can we do with this time?

Young explains, “We wanted people to be able to take selfies together, play games together, engage with the brand together. We quickly realized we needed a centralized screen where people could do these things. It seemed like a natural way to build a sense of community and keep the interaction alive, and was so closely linked to our concept which is all about being connected to both your food and the community around you.”

Young and his team had seen other examples of touchscreen technology deployed in different environments, and thought it would be a great opportunity to infuse another interactive touchpoint in the Zablong experience. After doing a search for a technology partner, Zablong came across Charlotte-based T1V, who specializes in interactive, multitouch software for touchscreens, and has been developing this very technology since 2008.

The Zablong and T1V teams joined forces to develop the interface that Zablong patrons have access to today. Customers can play Zablong- branded games, design their own Zablong logos (which they can then submit to the Zablong team to publish), and take selfies with their friends while waiting for their pizzas to cook. Through these customer-generated content outlets, Zablong patrons are able to contribute to what Zablong means to them, thus serving as active participants in the Zablong community.

Marco Ventura, VP of Sales and Marketing at T1V, says, “Because much of our software is semi-custom, this means that we’ve developed modules over the years that can be customized and rebranded at rates that new companies like Zablong can affordably include in their restaurant concept. It’s exciting to see a local Charlotte company quickly identify the value in the technology, and to make an investment early on so that as Zablong expands, T1V technology will expand with it – it’s very forward-looking.”

Experience T1V Interactive at Zablong Pizza at the Latta Arcade at 137 Brevard Court in Charlotte, NC.

Watch the video here:

About T1V
T1V creates interactive touchscreen experiences. Deliberately large in size and incredibly durable, our Interactive Platform includes tables and walls, digital signage, and mobile apps. Our products are powered by patented multitouch, multiuser software that transforms public spaces into more dynamic environments. The T1V team is made up of design, engineering, business and technology minds alike resulting in unrivaled support to our customers from start to finish.

Based in Charlotte, NC, T1V works with corporate, events and exhibits, entertainment, hospitality, retail, and education markets around the globe. The company is recognized as one of Charlotte’s Fast 50 by the Charlotte Business Journal and was named to the 2014 and 2015 Inc. 500 | 5000 by Inc. magazine. Visit to learn more about our products and how we can work with you and your industry.

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About Zablong
Zablong is a new create-your-own, oblong, awesomely tasty pizza restaurant growing from our roots in uptown Charlotte. After opening our first store in early 2016, we were quickly overwhelmed with the positive response and made plans for rapid expansion that is currently underway, there’s likely to be a Zablong near you sometime in the not-too-distant future!

We’re a little out of the ordinary, from our multitude of sauces to the brand identity that celebrates individuality and belonging at the same time. We build the best pizzas our customers have ever had right in front of their eyes and bake them in under two minutes. If you want a pepperoni pizza, ours is excellent, but we are also here for those who want to be a little peculiar and try a pizza with creamed corn as a “sauce” and pork belly as a topping. Because we celebrate individuality and everyone’s tastes, we are a place where everyone can feel comfortable and belong. Everything we do is a little “oblong” or odd, but only just enough to spark your curiosity and creativity, so come on in and be inspired!

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