Zoom Media UK Announces a new Ceiling-Mounted Digital Signage Solution Across Gyms Nationwide


Zoom Media pic(LONDON, 24th May 2019)     Zoom Media, the UK’s leading provider of health & fitness digital media, has announced a new digital signage solution that aims to engage with gym members in a new and innovative way. With brands increasing their digital spend every year, Zoom Media now look to roll out the new ceiling-mounted digital 6 screens across various partner sites of the network.

The gyms and health club environment offers high dwell times and traffic areas for brands to entertain, promote and engage with consumers using customisable music & TV programming, branded content featuring in-gym promotions, and sponsorships relevant to each health club’s audience.

Zoom Media continues to innovate effective advertising solutions for brands and gyms across the UK”, explains David Wellard, VP of Sales and Marketing. “We have several successful partnerships such as this that enables our network to offer the very best in dwell times, engagement rates to a highly desirable audience. With the all-new D6 screens, we are looking to maintain our strategic position in the market as the leading provider of digital media within the health & fitness industry.”

Wellard is optimistic for the future of Zoom’s digital media ecosystem which includes the likes of GymTV, SalonTV and bespoke experiential marketing solutions. This comes with news that UK brands have spent £13.4bn on digital ads last year – a 15% boost from 2017 figures.

Peter Wilkinson, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Bannatyne says, “Our D6 screens give us an effective platform to communicate with our members. Our own Bannatyne promotions have seen an increase in our secondary spend revenue for things such as the spa, cafe bar and personal training. Members have commented on third party promotions that they have taken advantage of from seeing on the screens.”

Now with the added advantage ceiling-mounted screens, D6 sheets showcase brands in the most dynamic way and offer unobstructed viewing in the busy gym environment. They are currently located in the likes of Bannatyne Health club and The Gym Group across 225 UK locations, with plans to expand the portfolio by more than 20% by end of 2020.

Zoom Media provides a uniquely powerful communications platform that entertains, informs and educates active lifestyle consumers as they train, compete and socialise. The network features industry-leading brands including BMW, Microsoft, British Airways, Clinique, GSK, Nike, Uber Eats and more.  With Zoom Media, brands can reach over 6.3 million active lifestyle consumers in over 800 health clubs across the UK.

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