Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center Expands with Donor Recognition Wall


Sensory Interactive worked with the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation to create an interactive donor recognition wall that tells the stories of the many individuals and groups that contributed to the success of a major hospital expansion and modernization project.

Nominating Company: Sensory Interactive, Baltimore, Maryland
Venue: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, San Francisco, California
Project: Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
Category: Education & Healthcare

The San Francisco General Hospital Foundation  engaged Sensory Interactive  to develop an interactive  donor recognition wall as part of a significant expansion and modernization of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Traurna Center.

The Foundation was looking for a creative and distinctive way to tell the stories of the hundreds of donors, public figures, physicians, staff and community members who worked together  to realize the city and public’s vision for this vital institution.

Working with a prominent location in the hospital’s new art-filled lobby, the Sensory Interactive design team analyzed a variety of technology options and architectural treatments that would work together to create a dynamic, eye-catching and highly interactive video wall.

Because the amount of available content for the display is expected to grow over time, we needed to create a flexible content management system that allowed for a broad range of interactions and content types. Our team also looked for ways to create an installation that effectively responded to the lobby’s grand scale. Because the lobby is relatively large, we needed to create an installation that wouldn’t be “lost” in the space.

We worked closely with the hospital’s architects and engineers to address the system’s infrastructure requirements including ventilation and cooling needs, structural support and equipment access.

For the digital display, we evaluated a wide range of technology options before selecting Christie MicroTiles for their unique ability to meet the project’s needs in the areas of resolution, flexibility, durability and ease of maintenance.

To draw attention to the digital display in the middle of the expansive lobby, we surrounded it with floor-to-ceiling illuminated glass panels. These panels are lit by PowerGraze LED fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics, and are frosted with a special 3M diffuser film  that minimizes  reflections and creates an extremely  even color disbursement. The LED fixtures are integrated with the installation’s content management system, allowing them to change color to complement the digital display.

Our content creation team developed a comprehensive plan for the organization of the content and created a graphic language for the digital display. We then oversaw the development of the system’s highly flexible interactive interface.

The end result is an engaging video wall that showcases the institution’s remarkable work, and that provides an opportunity to highlight the involvement of the many individuals and groups that contributed to the success of the expansion and modernization project. Designed to maximize the impact of the available content, the installation also delivers an engaging and memorable experience for hospital patients and visitors.

TouchTo – Software Developer

Sensory Interactive won the DSE 2017 Silver APEX Award in the Education & Healthcare category.

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