Zytronic Raises the Bar on Interactive Signage at DSE


Zytronic, the manufacturer and developer of advanced, durable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT and MPCT) touch sensors will be raising the bar on interactive digital signage at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas (Booth #237) showing an immersive 40-inch curved, multi-touch kiosk, and a 55-inch multi-touch table alongside eight other touch solutions demonstrating different aspects of their technology for commercial and public applications. 

According to Ian Crosby, vice president of sales and marketing at Zytronic , “Retailers and other users are increasingly seeking to create an exciting customer experience in all possible environments. Using our patented multi-touch projected capacitive technology (MPCT), we can create touchscreens to fit displays of up to 85-inch diagonal, with 4K resolution, and able to detect over 40 simultaneous touch points – indoors and outdoors. We have recently invested over $1.5 million to increase our capacity to manufacture these sophisticated touchscreens.”

The Zytronic exhibit at DSE will include an example of a curved multi-touch sensor, featuring a single edge-to-edge, toughened and curved glass multi-touch interface with a seamless 40-inch main screen and a 19-inch waist-height, button deck. Demonstrating the near-limitless levels of customisation possible with Zytronic technology, the twin display/single glass surface is managed by two ZXY200 multi-touch controllers.

Alongside, it will show a 55-inch multi-touch sensor integrated into a table, of a type that is proving highly popular in upscale retail environments, allowing customers to browse products from clothes to automobiles in large “coffee table” format. Zytronic will also demonstrate its latest downloadable Android app-based interface, which is expected to be increasingly popular as system integrators adopt this freely available operating system and the lower-cost computing hardware that supports it.

The Zytronic team on hand at DSE Las Vegas this year will be strengthened by the sales and technical support staff of their recently opened Atlanta office.


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